Aroostook Energy Association

Our mission is to engage and collaborate with energy providers, creating relationships that provide sustainable costs to our membership and the greater region.

Formed in January of 2017, our non-profit organization was created to influence the energy landscape of Aroostook County.  Our membership consists of leading manufacturers and service providers that employ a large portion of the local population either directly or indirectly within our industries.  We’re proud to carry on the heritage of our work and way of life.

Our companies have made significant investments in the facilities we operate.  We recognize that energy, in many forms, is a sizable portion of our spending.  Though diverse in the products and services we provide and the markets we serve, we’ve united to form a single force, guided by a mission to steward sustainable energy costs.  We support all initiatives to promote commerce and employment and recognize that the appropriate energy infrastructure must be in place to support growth and, as importantly, sustainability.

If you are a business with a stake in the energy landscape, we want to tell you about our journey.  It has just begun and we’re optimistic it will bring us to a better place.  If you’re an energy provider, we want to tell you about our needs and build strong, lasting relationships.  If you are a concerned citizen, we want you to know that what we strive for will also benefit you.

We thank you for taking the time to explore our site, learn about our membership and become engaged, as we are, in promoting an energy landscape that truly serves the people of Aroostook County and Maine.