Electricity Distribution & Transmission

February 2017 – AEA challenged the Maine Public Utilities Commission on the utility’s last distribution rate case that resulted in a positive settlement for Northern Maine which represented a 6% reduction from the proposed Emera increase of 12%.

March 2017 – AEA challenged Emera’s proposed Chapter 330 filing of capital expenditures totaling $77 million for the next 6 years.  AEA was successful in negotiating a capex plan going out 17 years instead which reduced future T&D rate increases.  Emera’s proposed capex would have doubled T&D rates for many of the rate classes if left unchecked.

March 2018 – AEA met with Maine PUC Commissioner Mark Vannoy to discuss important issues challenging the Northern Maine Grid.  As a result, the Maine PUC has gathered major stakeholders in an issue resolution process.  AEA developed an Issues List, in corporation with Aroostook Partnership, and jointly submitted it to the Maine PUC which has lead to the development of an aggressive agenda of tasks.  NMISA, Emera, ReEnergy, Aroostook Partnership and AEA are a few of the many stakeholders involved.

May 2018 – AEA provided official testimony, on behalf of its Members, to oppose Emera’s Rate Case ( MPUC Docket No. 2017-00198) for a $10.1 million or 12% increase at the Maine PUC Hearing on May 1, 2018 in Orono, Maine.